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Questions & Answers



Q1. How long does a general clean take?

A1. Typically a general clean takes about 2-3 hours, but customers have up to 2 1/2 hours of cleaning time.

Q2.  Do I need to be here during the cleaning session?

A2.  If you would like to stay during the clean session you have the option to stay. You do not have to be at your home during the time of your scheduled cleaning session, if you are not there when the cleaner arrives, please make sure you provide  the following ; Toilet bowl brush, mop/wet jet, and vacuum.  Also make sure that everything is locked up properly a text message will be sent to alert that your clean has been completed.

Q3. Will we receive a confirmation text message the night before our appointment?

A3. Yes, all customers will receive a confirmation text message, and or phone call to ensure that their appointment is kept.

Q4. If I do not respond to the text message or phone call will I be charged a $30 cancellation fee?

A4. Yes, Customers will only be charged a $30 cancellation if they do not respond to a text message or phone call the night

prior confirming their appointment.  Customers that respond to the message the day of their appointment a $30 fee will be initiated and automatically  canceled. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Q5. Do I need to provide my own cleaning materials?

A5. No, Customers do not typically need to provide their own cleaning supplies,  Mrs. Clean Cleaning Services provide cleaning materials, but if customers would like to use their own, this is accepted.

Q6. I have a bedroom that was converted to an office, do I have to pay the $15 fee for the office to be cleaned?

A1. Yes , although this was once a bedroom which is now office space you must pay the $15 extra fee.  You are not allowed to swap it for a bedroom, the fee is $15

Q7. Do you clean all areas of the home?

A7. Yes, all areas are included in the home such as the general living area, this will include; Kitchen, Exterior of all appliances, cabinets, 2Bathrooms, Living/Dinning Room, and all floors. (Attics, Basements, Baseboards, Interior of appliances, Laundry room, den, office are $15 each area or a third bathroom).

Q8. Do you clean all floors?

A8. Yes, we clean all floors in each room that is serviced. We urge all of customers to provide a vacuum  cleaner, toilet bowl brush, and/or mop Swifter.  This will ensure that germs are not passed from home-to-home.

Q9. Why do I need to provide my credit card information?

A9. The Credit Card (CC) is only to ensure that our customers hold their spot on the schedule which they are guaranteed on their requested day, it is also to make sure that a customer does not cancel the day of their appointment. If a customer does not call or cancel the proper way they will be charged a $30 cancellation fee.

Q10. I live outside the service territory area, but I see you all service the area, if I live 1-2 miles outside of the that service are do I need to pay a $30 travel fee per visit

A10. Yes, although we service outside of the territory, a $30 fee is initiated per visit because of the distance from the main office this is called a "Travel Expense".

Q11. I am a Groupon customer and I wanted to swap rooms to substitute a room for what is offered, Can I do that?

A11. NO! You are not allowed to swap rooms to accommodate for others. The Groupons are strictly set-up to be followed. If you would like to have something cleaned extra you have to pay an extra fee, for it to be included. (NO EXCEPTIONS)